Title: Anthem
Artist: Zebrahead
Played: 129 times


Feel like everybody else just needs to see through different eyes
From the outside looking in we shout the anthem of our lives
Come on and let me go
and just like everybody else
I feel the pain each time I try
But I’ll fight the bitter end
to shout the anthem
the anthem of our lives

Title: Hello Tomorrow
Artist: Zebrahead
Played: 581 times

Zebrahead - Hello Tomorrow

Title: Sirens
Artist: Zebrahead
Played: 619 times


"Give me an F
Give me a U
Give me a C K Y O U”

Zebrahead - Sirens

Title: His World - Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog
Artist: Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis from Zebrahead
Played: 69 times


As horribly laughable Sonic ‘06 was, the music was beautiful.


"Thank you so much for still believing in the power of rock and roll music. ‘Cause right now is a very scary stage in the music world; I don’t want to talk shit on bands, but you know exactly what I’m talking about. Keep your motivation pure, support your local fucking clubs, support your local fucking rock bands. And help keep rock music alive. Because if I hear one more fucking synthesizer, I’m going to shoot myself in the fucking face!"

Title: Car Radio
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Played: 66147 times


Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots

Title: Truce
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Played: 7953 times

"Stay alive, stay alive for me."